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Last Front: Europe

4.2 ( 6332 ratings )
Spil Underholdning Action Strategi
Forfatter: Plow Digital, LLC
1.99 USD

Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory. - General George Patton ★★★★ NEW Generals Mode

iPhone iPad, and iPod touch users can now immerse themselves in the European battles of World War II with the launch of Last Front: Europe from developer Plow Games. An intense strategy-based gaming experience, Last Front: Europe offers players three modes of game play, as well as the ability to customize accounts and create their own maps.

REVIEWS: ★★★★★

****TouchMyApps: Grab It
****TouchArcade: Five Stars
****Touch Reviews: Five Stars
****ComputerWorld: Real Time Strategy
****Dualshocker: Strategy game w/Map Editor!

Last Front: Europe offers players three modes of game play, in which users can play as the British, Soviets, Germans or Americans. Featuring 16 maps spanning four historic battles of the European theater, including The Battle of Stalingrad and the Battle of the Bulge Last Front: Europe lets players immerse themselves in the conflicts that took place in Europe during World War II.


-Play as the British, Soviets, Germans, and Americans in 16 maps spanning four historic battles of the European theater.

-Three modes of play and three difficulty settings maximize the player experience: Campaign, Battle, and Online.

-Build a wide range of units including minefields, tanks, snipers, and airfields.

-Upgrade units to make them more able to take on increasingly powerful attackers.

-Earn experience and rank up to unlock new units, advantages, and awards.

-Create maps at in the Map Editor and download them to your iPhone or iPod touch.

-Download from an endless supply of free user created maps or make your own to play on your iPhone or iPod touch.

-Challenge your friends to compete in online mode.

-Earn historical awards, ranks, and honors for your own personal profile.

-Customize your Service Record at

-Gain access to the Last Front Community and compare scores, share strategies, and share maps.

Mobile: Visit from your iPhone or iPod Touch to download new maps. Its easy! Just save the site as a favorite and a mobile app icon will appear on your device. This will let you quickly and easily connect to the site and begin sorting and downloading user-created maps.


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The real time strategy genre continues to flourish on the iPhone. Today its bolstered by the release of Last Front: Europe, an expansive title with a heavy emphasis on user-generated content.